Bill, please!

Since February 1, 2016, the law has required operators of bars and resto bars to provide you with a bill at all times.

Mandatory billing:An effective way to combat tax evasion

Are you aware of the major consequences that tax evasion has on society?

  • Every year, $3.5 billion go uncollected in Québec.
  • In the bar sector alone, lost revenue from undeclared taxes is estimated to be more than $75 million a year.

Tax evasion and the underground economy: consequences for all

  • Honest people have to pay for others

    Individuals who comply with the law shoulder a heavier tax burden than they should because they must compensate for people who participate in the underground economy.

  • Workers in the underground economy are not covered by programs meant to protect them

    People working in the restaurant sector are adversely affected because tax evasion often means hiring workers under the table. Unlike other employees, people who work under the table aren’t covered by CSST, Employment Insurance or other government programs.Therefore, it's a question of fairness for all workers in the restaurant sector.

  • Honest companies suffer from unfair competition

    Businesses that choose to evade taxes can afford to offer property and services at a better price, which unfairly penalizes honest businesses.

  • The government has to deal with substantial losses in revenue

    These losses penalize all Québecers because they affect the amount of government debt and hinder the government’s ability to offer services and programs that meet the needs of citizens.

How do we all benefit from these measures?

$40 million a year starting in 2016-2017

Thanks to the recovery of lost tax revenue through mandatory billing, this is the amount of money that will be recovered from bars alone.


By installing sales recording modules (SRMs) in bars and requiring these establishments to provide all of their clients with SRM-generated bills.

"Bill, please!" Everyone wins.

A huge success in the restaurant sector

  • Since 2011, all restaurant operators have had to provide their clients with a bill.
  • The standardized bill must be generated using an SRM. The barcode situated at the bottom of the bill makes it easy to recognize that the bill has been generated by an SRM.
  • To date, more than 33,000 SRMs have been installed in close to 20,000 restaurants.
  • The collaboration of restaurateurs has helped re-establish healthy competition in the industry.

A positive impact for all of Québec

  • In 2008-2009, losses in the restaurant sector were estimated to be $420 million.
  • Since the introduction of SRMs in the fall of 2011, the government has recovered $940 million.
  • From now until 2018-2019, Revenu Québec is expected to recover more than $2 billion.

Establishments that are required to give you a bill

As a rule, people who operate restaurants that sell alcoholic beverages to be consumed on the premises are required to provide you with SRM-generated bills.

Establishments subject to mandatory billing

  • Resto bars that already provide a bill for meals must also provide a bill for any property or services purchased at the bar and elsewhere in the establishment.
  • Bars and similar establishments like lounges, nightclubs, cabarets, cafés, discotheques, and pubs.

Frequently asked questions

Bill, please!

Mandatory billing in bars, just like in restaurants, ensures that sales tax and income tax ends up in our collective wallet.
That is fair. For all.

To find out more about tax evasion, visit the Revenu Québec website.